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Psychic Phone Readings When you call us, you can ask the psychics a question about your relationships, career, money, or future and receive a thoughtful, caring, positive, intuitive psychic reading by phone. You can ask to talk to a psychic who specializes in relationships, Tarot Card readings, astrology, clairvoyance, pet psychic readings, past life readings or numerology. Read more about Psychic Phone Readings >
Psychic Readings Our psychics use natural intuitive (their sixth sense) to conduct psychic readings about the emotional, physical and spiritual parts of what people are made of. They may also rely on one or more of the psychic tools (known as disciplines, such as Tarot, Astrology, Clairvoyance or Numerology, etc.) to access your information and give probable forecasts. When you talk to us, you'll receive accurate insight and practical, positive direction that will foster hope and inspiration. Read more about Psychic Readings >
Astrology At the moment of your birth, the planets were aligned at specific power positions in relationship to the Earth-and to you. This alignment accurately determines many aspects of our lives, including our personality and relationships. Read more about Astrology >
Tarot Card Readings Information and energies are constantly streaming into our world to guide us. Tarot cards act as focused conduit to translate those energies into symbols, influences and meanings for interpretation. When paired with other psychic gifts and modalities, Tarot can be incredibly powerful. Read more about Tarot Card Readings >
Numerology Numbers are the language of the universe. Everything we see and touch-even other dimensions-can be modeled through mathematics, through numbers. Read more about Numerology >
Clairvoyance Clairvoyance can take many forms. Some psychics see visions and pictures-while other psychics hear voices and sounds. Still other psychics intuitively feel the answers within their bodies. Many psychics can channel guidance for angels, spirit guides, or even relatives who have passed on. Read more about Clairvoyance >
Pet Psychic Readings Pet psychics communicate to your pet through the heart bond you share with your animal friend. Once the psychic makes a connection with you over the phone, it's like a three-call with your pet-even if they are miles away! Read more about Pet Psychic Readers >
Relationship Psychic Readings Who we choose to love has the greatest impact on our happiness. Years of invested feelings can be lost in a moment if we invite the wrong people into our lives. It's a difficult task to know the heart of another-but that's what our psychics are trained to do. Read more about Relationship Psychic Readings >
Past Life Psychic Readings Are you and your partner soul mates? Have you lived and died as lovers many times before? Are there karmic debts to be worked out between you? These are big questions. Read more about Past Life Psychic Readings >